Download GB WhatsApp Delta APK Latest Version

You probably know some apps Similar to the one we show you today, we could say that it is an improved version of GBWA that is designed with a magnificent WAMOD style, which guarantees that users can access all the functions offered by the WAMOD APK that this version of GBWhatsapp includes in their functions.

WAMOD users will know that WAMOD has been left behind for a while because the developers have not released any updates, the answer has been that they have bigger, more demanding and new projects to do. Undoubtedly, this is not a matter of concern because with the APK GBWhatsapp Delta your needs are covered, you just have to download it, know its simple operation and understand that you do not need anything else.

File information

Name of the application GB WhatsApp DELTA
Version 3.3.2 EXT
Size 33 MB
Support devices Android 2.3 +
Zone App Store
Classification 2.20.123

Download GB WhatsApp Delta APK 2021

What is GB WhatsApp DELTA APK about?

To start we will tell you a little about its origin, the product has been developed by DELTA Labs Studio, who have published many of their works that consist of creating different products essentially for Android; Most of its apps and tools have been available on Google Play for a long time and sites like ours, specialist in downloading innovative free and 100% functional applications.

In the case of GB WhatsApp Delta, the work they have done is somewhat different, because it is not a new product or from scratch and is rather a modification of an existing one, which is why they resort to sites outside of Google Play where these types of offers cannot be published. If your interest continues, and you want to download the APK, just visit our page and download with the confidence of enjoying the recommendation of the whole team.

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Download the latest version in 2022 of WhatsApp DELTA APK.

If you like the style of the iOS tools, this is the product that will convince you, GBWhatsApp is modern, clean and intuitive, with characteristics very similar to GBWA from Atnfas Hoaks, which is known as GBMODS. In this case, with GB WhatsApp the functions are not so many or so diverse, but the ones it has are basically what any user requires.

The functionality of the APK is good, perhaps its functions are not numerous, but the minimum needs will be covered satisfactorily and you will not have to resort to some complement that means economic investments or periodic amounts.

Know the characteristics of WhatsApp Delta new version

We show you the main features of this APK, with which you will not hesitate to start using it as soon as possible, we are going to discover them.

  • Stickers: the number of stickers can be easily expanded using the Any Stickers application and enjoy the most varied and different options.
  • Get rid of forwarding labels: when forwarding messages, in most applications the label of the first sending is also attached, here your contacts or friends will not see any labels on the messages.
  • Call blocking: in this version you can use the call blocking function by showing or not the ringtone to the other person.
  • Swipe option to answer calls: To answer group calls you can just swipe your finger and start the conversation right away.
  • There are no spam limits, the version includes a special increased advance enhancement for users in India.
  • It includes different languages ​​such as Hindi, Indonesian, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Lock function enabled with the use of password.
  • Ease of removing WhatsApp files from your device.
  • 35 different icons to choose your Launcher.
  • Users can use external video players, even generate backups.
  • A recommended video player that can help you is MX Player Pro.
  • The limits managed are 50 MB of video and 100 MB of audio.
  • User can send original images without compressing.
  • GBWhatsApp app users can view statuses that reach up to 7 minutes of video.
  • If you want you can change the font of your application, in the Delta app there are 30 different fonts to choose from.
  • Includes an automatic response message scheduler with do not disturb mode or DND mode.
  • Easily set your privacy.


If you are a fan of configuring everything to your liking, this app has 4 different themes, we can choose between:

  • Clear themes
  • Dark themes
  • Transparent themes
  • Custom color themes

The tastes, regarding the customization of the colors is very varied, the one most liked by many users is the transparent one, this aspect evokes with much similarity to WhatsApp Transparent Prime from SAM. The possibilities to toggle it or revert to the original state are great. As for the customization scheme, it is ideal for those who do not stay long with the same appearance.

This app handles shortcuts very easily, just press and hold the icon you want, for example: the camera or chats and it will open quickly.

Steps to install GB WhatsApp DELTA APK (Updated)

Before starting the download and installation of the APK, proceed to make an official WA backup, to ensure that your old chats will be preserved or restored once the version change is made.

When backing up, please do so from internal storage.


  • To start uninstall your official version of Official WhatsApp.
  • Locate the GBWhatsApp Delta APK download link on our page.
  • Start the download process.

  • Once the download is complete, open it and log in. Please note that you must have an enabled phone number. Finally, set your preferences.


Does the App collect personal data?

No, the application does not collect any type of personal data from users.

Is GB WhatsApp Delta legal to use?

According to the official app developer it is not, but in our case it is considered ban-proof thanks to constant updates

What happens if the personal account is banned?

The responsibility is not assumed in full, we take care of making changes in appearance and characteristics.