How to add M3U lists in OTTPlayer

In this digital age, boredom has no place. Entertainment is just one click away and we can enjoy good TV with the best personalized selection of the channels, programs, series and movies that we like the most.

OTTPlayer, is an application that allows you to load your personalized lists and that you can then enjoy on any device: tablet, SmarTV, computer and more. In this post, you will learn everything you need about OTTPlayer and how to upload your M3U lists.

What is OTTPlayer and what is it for?

It is basically an application compatible with many mobiles and is in turn, a computer program that makes use of the Over The Top (OTT) protocol to transmit information in Streaming of almost any free or paid channel from different parts of the world.

OTTPlayer uses Streaming technology, which was already known and used in programs that made video calls, for example the famous Messenger that later evolved to Skype. What the OTT format does is create a closed spectrum communication between two devices.

How to download OTTPlayer?

To have a safe installation, we must go to the official website of the App to download the program. For your convenience you can access from the following link.

Additionally, this software is only compatible with:

  • macOS.
  • iOS.
  • Android.
  • Samsung SmartTV.
  • LG SmartTV.
  • Windows.
  • Windows Phone.
  • And in its web version.

After downloading the program according to our operating system, we execute and install it as we normally do with other programs and that's it.

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Now we only have to enter the application, and for this we must create a free user. But don't worry, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Enter the official page from here!, then go to the section called "Account" and then "Registration". There is also the option to register with Telegram if you use this network.
  2. Complete the information that is requested: the user name that you like the most, the email with which the account will be activated and the access password chosen by you that you must then repeat in the next field.
  3. Check the box "I am not a robot" provided by Google and finally press Ok.
  4. Go to the inbox of the email you provided to verify the account, ready, we have our user created! If the message doesn't reach your inbox, remember that you can look for it in the "Spam" section.
  5. It is important to mention that with this user you will be able to access all the devices on which you have downloaded the application. Now we just have to add the lists and start enjoying the entertainment.

Uploading M3U lists to OTTPlayer

It is very easy to add an M3U list to OTTPlayer. Let's see how we can make it easy and fast, just follow these steps

1.- We go to the application's website through this link.

2.- We enter with our username and password. If you have not done your registration yet, go to the option that says “Not registered yet? Registration " to create your access data. It is very simple and extremely fast.

3.- When you log in, our data will be displayed. We must click where it says cabinet or cabinet, which is written in large and green.

4.- Now we proceed to enter our list that we must already have pre-downloaded on our computer.

To download the file with the list we proceed to open a new blank tab in our browser. In the address bar we copy the link from where we want to download the list, in this case, we will use a link that we obtained from

When copying the address, we edit and delete after the slash next to ".com" the acronym "raw" and the next slash.

In this example we will use this address: “”, which when editing should look like this: “”. We do enter and a page like the one in this image will open.

5.- We click on where it says «Download » and we wait for the file to download.

6.- Once downloaded, we open the file with the Windows notepad.

7.- We click on the button File> Save As. In the space where you assign the name, put the one of your preference.

However, it is important that at the end you always put the following ".m3u", which is the file format we need to upload to OTTPlayer. Finally we press "save".

8.- We return to the OTTPlayer application and go to the section called "Your playlists".

9.- Locate the button called "File". When clicking, a Windows dialog box will open for us to locate the file that we had previously saved. We select it and we open it. Remember, we will open the file that we change the extension to ".m3u".

10.- Next, we assign the name we want. Note: this will be the name under which the list will appear on our playback equipment.

Before pressing "okay" we verify that the option "Device" is selected. This is important to do so that the list can be seen on all our OTTPlayer associated computers..

11.- By clicking on “ok” we will see how the list will already appear added in the devices with the name previously assigned.

12.- That's it! You will see that it is very fast and very simple. These tips will allow you to load all the M3U lists you want without any type of error.

Note: you can skip the steps indicated if you already have a list downloaded with the extension ".m3u"Otherwise, you must follow what is indicated in the instructions.

How to cancel or unsubscribe an account in OTTPlayer?

If you want to cancel or unsubscribe from an OTTPlayer account, you must enter the main website and go to the section "Support", or you can click this link.

On the left you will see an icon that says "Need help?", and next to it you have several options. Click on "Be in touch", which will then show you the section "Contact us".

Fill in the fields of the form and in the last field you state your decision to cancel your user account. Soon the OTTPlayer team will contact you and delete the account.

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