Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus (AntiBan) APK

If at any time you were a user of the Official whatsapp You will know that it is no longer available, the policies and decisions made by its owner (Mark Zuckerberg) have taken it off the market for quite some time and we are left with some with the bittersweet feeling and others without even having tried it. According to the developer's words, there were ban notices and even blocking of its associated social media accounts.

And it is that WhatsApp Plus offered very complete functions to the user, such is the case of the product that we will recommend today the APK WhatsApp Plus (AntiBan) in its version 8.75. Despite all this madness and perhaps outright selfishness, we have found a different option that the WhatsApp Plus Rafalense developer offers us.

Rafalense has shared a different application called Plus Messenger which, as you can imagine, is an instant messaging app that uses Telegram API for its operation and has many useful functions.

Returning to the topic that WhatsApp brings us here, we are going to recommend a modified version that is very similar to the official version and that is better than many of the clones found on the web to download.

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Let's get to know WhatsApp Plus APk

In this case, the version is developed by Alex Mods, the design is very similar to the Yo WhatsApp APK, it is basically based on it, but with some differences. When using it, users can perceive a good performance, enjoying many more functions in a WAMod than in the official version.

The Yo WA APK is a very competitive product and the truth is that WhatsApp Plus (AntiBan) APK 8.75 is even more so, despite the different needs of users and the tastes that everyone can develop, we guarantee that you will appreciate it . One of the big differences with other clones is that WhatsApp Plus AntiBan APK does not have pop-up advertising, which improves the use and the possibility of communication of all those who decide on the product.

Many wonder what is the advantage of using another version of WhatsApp different from the official one, why not stay in the classic, but here we find that the most interesting thing is that this APK allows you to manage up to 4 different WhatsApp accounts on the same Android device , you only require the installation of NoWhatsApp and that's it.

Many people have different numbers that are necessary for the activities we carry out, they are divided many times into exclusive numbers or accounts for the family, for work or studies, in short, each user knows their immediate needs.

Information about WhatsApp Plus (AntiBan) APK version 8.75

  • First Name WhatsApp +
  • Size 32 MB
  • Version 8.75
  • Developer Alex
  • Last updated September 2020
  • Based in 2.20.157.

Download link

Download WhatsApp Plus APK, the latest version available for Android devices.

If you try to look for the APk in the official Android store, you will not find it because it is a modified version, it is not an official WhatsApp product. If you want to complete the download, you can do it from the links that we share on our official page.

Remember that for this version the official developer is Alex Mods and in order to complete the installation you must uninstall the com.wa package.

Here are some images of what the APK looks like, through some screenshots.

Let's get to know the specific features of the version

Next, we have made a list with the most important characteristics of the application, it is convenient to know them to get the most out of them, read them before downloading the file preferably.

Forget about the prohibitions

Although it is a modified version, users should not worry about facing a loss of their account due to prohibitions, in this case the MOD does not have prohibition problems, everything is free and functional, in effect it is the same as the use of the official WA .

Up to 4 WA accounts can be used on the same device

As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the great features is that there is the possibility of managing up to 4 different WA accounts in a single device, with this you save the purchase of different equipment and improve the time in which you can answer and manage the privacy regarding accounts.

To enable the multiple accounts function, it is essential that you also download NoWhatsApp that you can find on our page and then obtain the benefits of managing multiple WA accounts.

Different themes and customization features

Modified applications have been very well accepted because they offer the same as the official versions and even more, if the modifications that the developers add are taken into account, which are very attractive, especially if they are free and 100% functional products.

Users tend to prefer them because customizing them is very easy, they are structured with theming functions that make each app that we download on our devices unique.

People who like changes, what better element than to be able to modify themes, colors, images, profiles, in short, everything possible, and here everything is integrated, available in the configuration section. Among the elements that can be customized are the main screen, the conversation screen, chat, pop-up windows, notification widgets, shared uses, among others.

Video player

The WhatsApp version includes a default video player, which is already functional, but among the users there is always someone who is not satisfied and who requires something more advanced or complete, with this application you can select another video player that you want or that we like it better.

Among the players that go well or are compatible with the APK we can mention MX Player Pro, also available to download from our website, a product that has no advertising and that incorporates many interesting functions.

Updates available

A recommendation with the WA Plus application is that we always get the latest update, to ensure that we get the latest features and security elements such as patches to ensure maximum performance. The application update time is estimated, as it occurs periodically in the official version.

Other Mods to consider

Other modifications that we also want you to know about are the following:

  • The APk allows you to block WhatsApp with a password, it is important when we want to protect data or confidential information.
  • Even when the screen turns off, the application allows the user to remain online permanently, as long as we have an internet connection.
  • Every time you update the version, we recommend that you use the backup function and ensure that you will not lose your data.
  • An innovative function is to be able to block or deactivate voice calls, once enabled the user will not receive calls.
  • With this version, senders cannot delete or delete the chat messages that we have sent.
  • You can display a story bar similar to the one displayed on Instagram.

Installing the WhatsApp Plus APK version on your Android device

 The first advice is that you do not uninstall the official version of your WhatsApp until you make a reliable backup, remember that, when always installing another application, only the data in copy will be preserved. 

About the installation, there is no complicated step, it is very easy and we have prepared a simple guide where you will find the step by step.

  1. Identify the download link on our website.
  2. Proceed to make a backup of your official WA, you must go to Settings, Chats, Backup and tap on the green button.
  3. Finish by uninstalling the version obtained from the Play Store. Select the WhatsApp Plus APK that you will install on your Android device. At this point the system will ask you to enable the unknown sources, you must always accept them, otherwise the installation will not be carried out.

  1. With the installation successful, you must open the application, then log in with the available phone number. Check the received OTP.
  2. At the start of the application, the user is asked if they want to restore the Chat backup.

With the whole process finished, we can start configuring the application, including the elements we want.

To complement the application, you can download other apps, for example: StickersMix, which has designed many models that are used in WhatsApp Plus. It is a free app that is compatible with the WA APK.

The collection includes more than 2500 different stickers, very easy to incorporate into our publications or chats and their weight or measurement is only 58 MB.

Another product that suits us well with the WA Plus, is the Sticker Maker Plus, in which we can design personalized stickers, adapted to our tastes and imagination, easily eliminating the background of the images. The size is 5 MB.

Finally, we insist that WA Plus APK is a great product, which you can download from our page, as well as include add-ons and functions that will lead you to live the experience of using a different message than usual, with the usual functions and even more.

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