Spotify Premium mod APK Download Latest Version

Download the latest version of Spotify Premium Apk for android devices. This app that we share with you today works very well, without any errors or glitches. The Spotify team recently rolled out an update to add some restrictions to users using these modified versions.

Sending emails to most of the users who used Spotify Premium mod. In this post, we are going to share the link so that you can download Spotify Mod. Premium and that it works correctly.

Keep in mind that they are blocking that they are using it illegally. Yes,  the use of this modified version is illegal. 

What I suggest is to create a secondary account and use this mod to listen to music without limits or ads, and be able to get some premium features. In this way, you can use this app without future problems.

Spotify Premium APK Download

What is the APK of Spotify Premium?

It is a popular application that streams music online and allows you to listen to music anytime, anywhere. It has become one of the favorite applications by people. It contains millions of discs that are stored on its servers and that will help you listen to your favorite songs whenever you want.

I have to say that there are countries in which its use is not allowed. If in your country it is not allowed, do not worry with this mod you will be able to use it without problems.

Below we have provided the download link for Spotify Premium Mod APK, and some other steps for you to install it, please follow this guide to the letter before installing anything.

Download Spotify Premium APK Latest Version for Android

The Spotify Premium APK will allow you to enjoy a premium version. Download Latest Mod of Spotify Premium free and without any need to make a payment account.

For those who want to buy the subscription plans and want to get original Premium plans. They can investigate

Subscription plans on the page Official website.

They even offer the 30-day free trial to all users. After that, they will charge $ 9.99 US + tax per month. We have given below some of the subscription plans that they currently offer.

  • Subscription for the family - In this plan, you have to pay $ 14,99 + tax per month, and you can use up to 5 members.
  • Student subscription - In this plan, you have to pay $ 4,99 + taxes per month for 12 months.
  • Start Spotify Premium - In this plan, you have to pay $ 119.88 + taxes for one year.

General Features of Spotify Premium Mod

This modification allows you to have many features of the premium version except in Online mode. Online Mode cannot be possible, because the songs are encrypted and have a very strong encryption.

That will only be unlocked when you have purchased the Spotify Premium APK for real. So don't expect us to give it to you.

If you are not rich, you can use our Spotify Premium Apk without any restrictions. This will be updated according to the official launch of the application.

So, you can easily find the updated version of the application when you visit this page.

Below we have discussed the features that are available in this Spotify Premium Mod and that work 100% without any doubt.

  • Mod works without taking root permissions.
  • Listen to music with high quality sound.
  • No Ads. (Audio and Visual).
  • Play any song.
  • Repetitions enabled.
  • Search enabled.
  • Unlimited shufle.

Spotify Connect Unlocked

Spotify has this amazing feature that allows you to listen to each and every one of your songs on any device you want. You can use a single account to bring the power of music to your tablet, computer, phone, and more. Known by its users as Spotify connect, all you need is to connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi network and make sure you have the latest software up to date and viola, your TV or any device becomes a streaming device.

Video ads blocked

Since Spotify is essentially a business, they need to make money. This can be done in two main ways. One is through revenue paid directly by users and the other is through advertising campaigns. Free users are the target of the latter, which can be annoying. The Spotify Premium mod APK allows you to enjoy the ad-free zone without paying a euro.

Locked audios

As mentioned above, the ads can be annoying, but not so much if they are placed somewhere in the relaxation mode playlist, without your knowledge. To make matters worse, these ads are not modified to reflect the country or region you might be listening from, so you are bombarded with irrelevant ads. Besides this fact, they are repetitive. Once again, the free Spotify mod clears this problem up to make your music experience as smooth as possible.

Search activated

For free users, another obstacle to music is the limitation of the search, that is, you cannot go to your favorite part in a four or five minute track, either backwards or forwards. Using Spotify mod allows you to review your favorite part of the song at any time.

Unlimited shufle

Shufle was the only way to listen to music before Spotify's premium mod came on the scene. You couldn't create your own queue in the order you wanted. You were also not allowed to freely venture into Spotify playlists like Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Top Hits, Release Radar, or Rap Caviar without going through ShuPe. This is not like that. Now you can select the music you want from the artist you want at any time.

Choose any song

Nobody likes to listen to a prescribed selection of music, with the restriction of only that list or selection. With the free app, users can search for music, save / bookmark songs, and even create playlists, but not select a particular track and listen to it. Also, free users are prohibited from listening to music on demand.

Even if you try to hang a playlist that has a few songs on demand, Spotify will skip you and play similar songs instead.

This is especially true if you have a particular taste for music, for example classical music or meditation tunes. With the mod, you can choose from millions and millions of songs (I daresay you may not even listen to the entire song database in your entire life).

Extreme Audio Unlocked

This describes the quality of the music you are currently listening to and is generally measured in kbps

(kilobits per second), each bit being a small part of the song. The default is normally 160 kbps, which is fine for music. The "high quality streaming" option does it at 320 kbps. This type of quality streaming is made possible by Spotify's use of compressed audio, and as you may have guessed, "High Quality" is reserved for premium users. However, you can also access it by installing the Spotify premium APK mod.

Repetitions activated

At the bottom left of the screen that is playing on Spotify, there is an icon that looks like two arrows, something like yin and yang in a rotating circle. A single tap on it repeats the entire playlist or album in a loop, while a double tap plays the current song in a loop. This is also a feature reserved for premium users that is unlocked in the modified APK.

Canvas activated

Canvas is an exciting feature that displays a 3- to 7-second moving visual on the currently playing track screen. The cover art for the current song is drawn and replaced and played in a loop. These features help give your music experience some depth. Previously it was only limited to premium users, with the premium mod APK, you are guaranteed the same deep experience.

The story is enabled ...

Plot is a feature that Spotify has introduced to give you backstage information directly from artists about their music, as accurate a source as you can get by the way, and shows it as a

The Instagram story. An equally exciting trait is the trait behind the lyrics that offers a glimpse of the song's lyrics on a carousel of moving cards. The story is based directly on the background of the lyrics… and is also available to premium users.

Disabled / Removed Unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services

Normally, if you want to activate or deactivate annoying permissions or unwanted services of an application, you can do it without any impediment. This is not the case with the free Spotify app. Some permissions are enabled by default and are forcibly left on unless you upgrade to the premium version. This is not the case if you use the premium version.

Analytics / Crashlytics disabled

Spotify uses its free app as a kind of testing site for major bugs, annoyances, user experience, or even to train its learning algorithms. This has another implication for the free user of having to get used to frequent analytical logs and crash analysis reports on their device while listening to music - another annoying feature. You can blow for this by simply downloading the premium mod and your privacy will be yours.

How to install the Spotify Premium APP on your Android?

Step 1: Download the latest Spotify Premium Apk from the download link above and save it to your Sd card or internal storage.

Step 2:: Click on the Spotify premium Apk file you downloaded from above. You have a notice that says Allow from this source or not. Change the permission of this font. Below Android 8.0 you have to enable unknown sources from Android settings.

Step 3:: Install the App after enabling the option to allow from this source. If the application installs successfully, then you need to open the application. Access your secondary account or register.

Note: Do not use the Main Account which may lead to the loss of your Main Account permanently. So, create a new account and import the playlists from the primary account to the secondary account. If the account is locked, then you have the possibility to create another account.

This Mod does not need any VPN to run the application in the restricted countries once it connects. You can feel free to use this amazing mod in any country.

Step 4:: Finally, import all the playlists. Listen to your favorite music without ads.


The installation is quite simple, the Spotify Premium mod is a great thing to use and get almost all the premium features. But the thing is, we are using this in a non-artificial way, right?

That may not have drastic effects, but we are engaging in fraudulent activity. This will not be beneficial to the original developer. I hope you know what you are doing. It may also interest you Deezer Premium MOD APK.